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We cultivate relationships within our communities, the legal profession, and the clients we serve to find a meaningful pattern in the many factors that create today’s constantly changing world and impact our clients and their businesses.

We are focused on providing exceptional client service with an emphasis on value. By working together cooperatively, Butler Spink achieves the important common goal of providing excellent legal representation for our clients.

The strategies we propose are tailored to align with our clients’ overall business needs, their risk tolerance and their budget.

Mike and JoAnn began practice together in 1993. Mike had 15 years of legal experience with several Idaho firms and the Idaho State Tax Commission. JoAnn had comparable experience in Land Use Planning at the American Planning Association in Chicago, and then as a land use lawyer in Chicago and Boise.

It quickly became apparent that the whole was greater than the sum of its parts. Their firm and reputation grew.

In August of 2023, JoAnn passed away in a tragic accident while snorkeling on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mike has decided to end his mediation practice as of January 2024. Mike may be contacted to provide referrals for both land use practice and mediation.

Idaho Legal Experience


After more than forty years building a solid foundation in litigation of real estate, title insurance, employment and general business disputes, Michael Spink has developed a successful mediation practice covering business, real estate and civil litigation.